What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. This treatment can last between 2-4 years depending on the care, lifestyle, age, and skin of the person.

What are the sugaring benefits?

Pure and Natural ingredients, no risk of burning, easier to clean up, won't stick to skin, doesn't dry on skin, more sanitary, will not break as many hairs, removes very short hair, and leads to permanency.

What is a frequently asked question?

The lash lift takes the natural eyelashes and perms them with a curl that makes the eyelashes look amazing! The Lash lifts lasts for 6-8 weeks and makes it so you do not need to use an eyelash curler.

What is mircoblading?

Microblading is a tattooing technique and form of permanent makeup using a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Each hair stroke is created by hand using a blade which creates fine slices in the skin.

What is Dermaplaning and it's benefits?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation process on the skin, using a surgical steel scalpel (dermaplaning tool) to lightly scrape the surface of the skin holding it tight and close.

  • Reduce fine lines and exposes younger skin

  • Promotes collagen production

  • Makeup looks better

  • Triggers regeneration allowing serums and moisturizers to seep into the skin

  • Prevents breakouts

  • Good for sensitive skin

  • Suits all skin types